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The Setak Food Company is one of the leading manufacturers of barley biscuits with more than 42 different products in the production and production of various kinds of biscuits with barley flour, seven cereal flour, the production of various kinds of walnuts, pancakes, as well as biscuits, which are suitable for all ages, especially old ones. Dear, good health is not just a slogan but a fact of speech. Because we have diverse products for all ages.

صنایع غذایی ستاک
صنایع غذایی ستاک

Reduced Abdominal Fat

In Japan, a study was conducted on 44 high-cholesterol patients, suggesting that adding a diet to the diet could significantly reduce serum cholesterol and abdominal fat. These are two of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease.

Why 's Setak food industry?

Betaglucan is a type of fiber found in the atmosphere. Studies of this type of fiber reduce the risk of obesity and its complications, such as stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We are thinking about the health of our customers

صنایع غذایی ستاک

Features of our products

Barley flour properties

Eating barley throws the thirst. Removes fever and acts as tonic and tonic. And Malta helps in the digestion of starchy foods. If low-barley bread is prepared, it includes preventing the production of harmful lipids in the blood, regulating gastrointestinal activity, regulating blood pressure, stimulating insulin in the body, and lowering blood glucose levels. Cleansing the walls of the stomach and intestines from contaminating particles, cope with the growth of the tumor in the body, preventing obesity, maintaining the vitality and vitality of the skin due to the presence of vitamins in group B and strengthening memory.

Oatmeal bran

According to nutritionists, regular consumption of oatmeal helps slimming. If you ask why it should be said that this food will stop appetite and cause long-term cure. Oatmeal is rich in water-soluble fiber and pectin fiber, and you know that fibers help a lot of slimming. If you eat this food during mealtime and drink enough water, the fibers that are in it inside the stomach are bulky and quickly feel satiated.

The use of palm

The palm properties for health have made this fruit always one of the best foods to grow muscle. Dates are consumed in various ways, including peppermint cookies with milk, yogurt, butter, which can make its taste tasty. Delicatessen is useful both for children and for adults, especially for those who are undergoing a recovery from illness or injury.

Use of walnuts

15% of walnut fats are unsaturated and useful fats for heart health. This kind of fat is low in cholesterol (LDL) and high in cholesterol (HDL). Nitrogen is the best source of manganese and copper. There is magnesium and phosphorus in walnuts. Some zinc, iron, calcium and selenium have also been found. Walnuts have a small amount of sodium or salt. Walnuts contain the most amount of vitamins in group B (pantothenic acid). In walnuts there are vitamins such as E.

Seven grain flour

The advice of Setoch's food industry is that half of your cereals are full of cereals. To make half of your consumption complete, replace one of the products from refined grains with a whole crop of whole grains. Good for your children. Eating whole grains daily with snacks or snacks is a good pattern for your children

Sweetened White mulberry

Setak Food Industries uses sweetened soda and invert syrup to sweeten its products. This action has caused sugar to reach its lowest level, so that diabetics may also be used for elderly people.

The most popular setak products

Setak Catering biscuits

صنایع غذایی ستاک

Multi cereals biscuits

Multi cereals biscuits Made from flour of seven cereals

Setak Catering biscuits

Setak Catering biscuits The plan of the sun
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